Building a company from scratch is tough.

As a startup founder and entrepreneur, you are responsible for every aspect of the business. You are directly involved in recruitment, business development, R&D, fundraising, and sometimes even office administration.

With so many responsibilities and possible directions, it is easy to get lost. Sometimes to the point of anxiety.

Entrepreneur Desperate

I understand this feeling very well, as I experienced it almost every week when I launched my own tech startup at the Science Park.

I made hundreds of mistakes during my journey as an entrepreneur. Each mistake cost time and effort and could have been avoided easily if I had had a comprehensive guide about the local startup ecosystem.

Desperate Founder is a community for Hong Kong entrepreneurs to access insights about incorporation, legal matters, subsidies, taxes, funding, events, etc.

Every article was carefully written after extensive research and based on my personal experience.

The templates and other materials available for download within the articles can all be used for free and edited without restrictions.

Entrepreneur Courageous

I hope this guidance will help you navigate your way through the adventurous entrepreneur jungle.

Top 10 Articles

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Incorporation Guide - Feature Image

Incorporation Guide for Hong Kong Startups

This article is a practical guide to incorporate a startup as a Private Limited Liability Company in Hong Kong. All information is based on the ...
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Bank Accoung Opening - Feature Image

Corporate Bank Account Guide for Hong Kong Startups

If you think opening your personal bank account in Hong Kong was a hassle, wait until you need to open a corporate bank account for ...
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Legal Toolkit - Feature Image

Legal Toolkit for Hong Kong Startups

This article describes a set of legal documents that I would recommend every startup founder have knowledge of. Although it is tempting to directly jump ...
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Trademark Guide - Feature Image

Trademark Guide for Hong Kong Startups

Registering your trademark is important, especially if your startup becomes successful. If you don’t protect yourself early, a competitor might take the chance and will ...
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HKSTP Guide - Feature Image

Science Park Guide for Hong Kong Startups

There are two government funded incubators in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and Cyberport. This article is an overview of ...
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Human Resources Obligations Guide for Hong Kong Startups

This article is a practical guide about your human resources-related obligations as a director of a Hong Kong startup. The government websites can be confusing ...
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Feature Image - Employment Logistics

Employment Logistics Guide for Hong Kong Startups

This article is a practical guide to walk you through the components of an employment package that is attractive to employees and at the same ...
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ESS - Feature Image

ESS Government Funding Guide for Hong Kong Startups

If your startup is in need of external funds, you might want to consider applying for one of the equity-free government schemes financed by the ...
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Feature Image Internship

Internship Guide for Hong Kong Startups

Hiring interns is a good way to have motivated young people working at your company for very reasonable rates. This short article is a practical ...
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Business Development - Feature Image

Business Development Guide for Hong Kong Startups

This article is about business development in a traditional way, not about online marketing. The purpose is to share some thoughts on how an unknown ...
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