1. Hey Florian, thanks for the article!

    I was wondering whether it is allowed to use a residential address in Hong Kong as official company address.

    Also, do you think that a sold proprietorship is a good alternative to a LTD? I plan to open a small food import business and it looks like sold proprietorship is easier.

    1. Hi Robert,

      It is legal to use your residential address for your business. However, I would recommend to use a virtual office address with a mail forwarding service as it cheap and adds one layer of privacy protection. The registered address is publicly available on the government website.

      About your second question, I would avoid a sold proprietorship as it doesn’t protect personal assets in case things go south. For your import business, you might need a credit line from your suppliers or to give certain guarantees to your distributors. A limited company with yourself as sole director and shareholder would be a safe way to operate (even though it is a bit more expensive at first).


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